Search engine optimisation services

The key to effective search engine optimisation is to make sure the process is planned, implemented and delivered. We work to a proven process using techniques that we know work and we use the available time and budget to the greatest effect.

SEO planning

We all know that planning any task is the key to sucess, this is especially important with SEO and we will carry out the following:

  • current site analysis
  • market and competitor analysis
  • keyword research
  • from this planning we are able to recommend an SEO strategy detailing time and budget required and the areas best focused on.

SEO placement

Once a strategy has been agreed we will put in place the required SEO techniques. There are many different areas of SEO and they include the following. Depending on budget and requirements this will determine which areas are concentrated on:

  • on page optimisation
  • content optimisation
  • search engine directory submissions
  • link building
  • PPC advertising
  • social media set up and training

SEO delivery

This is where we monitor the performance of the website (using Google analytics) and make sure that the project is progressing as expected, adjusting in response to the available information. If an ongoing contract is in place then a full report is provided, summarising the projects performance to date. We also make recommendations for future site developments in relation to the site marketing and advise how best to utilise any available and/or new online opportunities.

Cost | from £180 per month for a minimum of 3 months

- contact us now - and tell us your requirements. We can work with any business large or small.

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Off The Shelf - stand alone packages

You can purchase any of the following as a stand alone product or in association with any other SEO services

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