Google Analytics – learn the basics

The key to the success of any sites’ online marketing is to be able to monitor and measure its’ performance – knowing how much traffic your site is getting, how users are reaching your site, along with what pages of your site are being accessed .

Google Analytics is one of the best and most widely used services that allow you to track, evaluate and act on all your key site use data – and above all it’s FREE.

However, like most things, it works fine when you know how to use it and what to look for ….

We Can Help – learn how to get the information you need from Google Analytics

We are offering an Introduction to Google Analytics – training session, including:

- Accessing Accounts & Profiles
- Users & Admin
- Key Reports & Options
- Individual Site Metrics & Conversion Indicators (site specific)
- Custom Dashboards & Reports
- Goals & Funnels
- Event Tracking
- Report Exporting & Scheduling
- General Google Analytics & SEO Q & A Session

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