Google AdWords

Google Adwords are paid for adverts that appear at the top of the search results and to the right side of search results in Google. The budget is set by you the customer, based on our recommendation of what we think will bring the maximum return on your investment – it has to be realistic, but it also very easy to spend a lot of money unless targets are set, geographical locations are set and other elements are in place… there is no point bidding on the word ‘hotel’ for example because you will be competing with every hotel in the world.

Are paid adverts worth the money?

The answer is simply yes, as long as your campaign has been set up correctly and the traffic that is now reaching your website is targetted and they want to be there and will stay and make an enquiry. We will work with you to set a figure that will give us a cost per visitor to your site, we will link your campaign with your Google Analytics and you will be left with a targeted measurable service that you can pause when required and restart when you need that boost again.

Cost | prices from £360 but please read our Google AdWords document for full details on set up and management of the campaign

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